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Protection Programs

PitPass (pre-paid maintenance program)

You've just purchased your new vehicle and you want to keep it running at its peak performance - proper maintenance is the key!  LCC's PitPass is a great way to make sure your new vehicle is running top notch by providing 3 years of routine maintenance at a 30% discount!  Just sign and ride away - this locks in the prices of parts, labor and sales tax!

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

With the Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) program, a portion of your outstanding loan balance will be reduced should you experience a covered total loss after purchasing the GAP program. A covered total loss is defined as the theft of or accidental damage to the covered vehicle where it is declared a total loss by your physical damage insurance carrier (totaled), or, if no physical damage insurance is in force and the covered unit is stolen and not recovered within 30 days of the date of the theft, or the total cost to repair the covered unit as a result of an accident is greater than or equal to the value of the product immediately before the accident.

Extended Protection Plans (EPP)

OHVExtended Protection Plan is an extension warranty program in addition to your standard manufacturer's warranty, which covers some parts and labor, gives you towing and rental coverage, and is transferable from owners. The EPP program does not have any mileage restrictions on new units.

Theft Protection

Theft Protection Program provides coverage in the event a covered unit is stolen and not recovered or recovered and deemed a total loss. This program pays the benefit to the covered owner as a credit to the selling dealer for purchase of a replacement unit.

Tire & Wheel

Tire & Wheel Program provides coverage in the event of damage to your tires and/or wheels as a result of a road hazard on a public roadway due to glass, metal in the road, potholes, debris, nails, or blowouts. Coverage includes all costs associated with the repair or replacement of tires and/or wheels, plus labor charges including towing.


GPS unit allows you to track your vehicle - log your rides or track you bike it it's stolen.  You can even set up Geo Fences